中法文化之春:法国爵士音乐鬼才Thomas Enhco三重奏

中法文化之春:法国爵士音乐鬼才Thomas Enhco三重奏

时间:6月8日 周日 20:30 
场地:B10现场 http://www.b10live.cn



Thomas Enhco介绍

在过去的三年中,Thomas Enhco在音乐界取得令人炫目的的成绩:他在Martial Solal大赛(著名国际钢琴爵士乐比赛)中取胜,并为两部电影配乐,其中一部的配乐赢得了2012FIPA d’Or奖(法国著名音乐大奖,以著名法国音乐人Django Reinhardt的名字命名),以及他令人兴奋的2011年全球音乐会,该音乐会举办近130多场,Thomas的足迹遍及4个大洲,14个国家。今年,他来到纽约——他和他心中的伟大的美国著名爵士音乐人Jack DeJohnette和John Patitucci合作过的地方。如此才华横溢的他,其实出生于1988年。他三岁开始接触小提琴,六岁开始接触钢琴,主要学习这两种乐器的古典和爵士音乐风格。在同龄的孩子们还在学校的操场上玩石子儿的时候,他已经举办了自己第一次的小型音乐会。

《萤火虫》是他标志性的专辑。在这张专辑中,Thomas Enhco的编曲诠释着一种光明与黑暗的对比。夜间列车、鬼魂和迷幻的沙漠被呼唤而来。在这些昏暗忧郁的间隙中,另一些歌曲却闪烁着光明和宽广。专辑如同被一层梦幻薄纱包裹着,散发着独一无二的神秘感。

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视频:<You’re Just a Ghost>室内音乐 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd34E-YxZVo
           <You’re Just a Ghost>音乐现场 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgPQraRqfw0
           <I’m Old Fashioned>三重奏音乐现场 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQLDZdFtggA

专辑:<Fireflies> http://music.douban.com/subject/24843906/
           <Someday My Prince Will Come> http://music.douban.com/subject/5373327/

2014 Croisements Festival Shenzhen Station: Thomas Enhco Jazz Piano Concert

Time: 2013.6.8  Sunday 20:30
Venue: B10 Live http://www.b10live.cn
Add: North Side of Building B10, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only)
Organizer: OCT-LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd

Free admission.
A seating area for 200 audiences and an open area for 200 audiences 
Admittance start at 20:00. 
General seating based on first come first served policy. 

2014 Croisements Festival
For the occasion, numerous events will be organized in China and France, reflecting the vitality and excellence of the relationship between our two countries. The Croisements Festival is one of the flagship occasions commemorating this 50th anniversary in China.

Thomas Enhco

In the past three years, Thomas Enhco has made a dizzying ascent in the music world: prizewinner at the Martial Solal competition, recipient of the Django d'Or 2010, composer of two film scores, one of which won the FIPA d'Or 2012, and a hectic schedule of concerts all over the globe (over 130 in 2011, in 14 countries and four continents). He has pursued one bold project after another, performing in solo, duo, trio and quartet configurations, and this year moved to New York, where he recently recorded with his personal heroes, Jack DeJohnette and John Patitucci.

Born in 1988, he began the violin at the age of three and piano at six, studying classical music and jazz in both instruments. He composed his first works and gave his first concerts at an age when children are usually playing marbles in the school playground.
The album named "Fireflies" illustrates well the duality that exists in the compositions presented by Thomas Enhco: an exploration of light and dark. The songs evoke night trains (Train de Nuit), ghosts (You're Just a Ghost) and enchanting deserts (Wadi Rum), but in the recesses of its somber and melancholic facets the music encloses luminous, ample melodies. Enveloped in a dreamlike veil, it blazes with its own mystery.
There lies the greatness of this album: the powerful narrative, the bare honesty of the musicians, the force of their consuming passion and the intensity of their performance. The art of the trio emerges in full splendor. The musical and human empathy that connects the three protagonists of this adventure is more than present: it is palpable. Upon hearing these skillfully crafted compositions, powerfully melodic themes and dense discourse, one wonders what could have so affected such a young artist to inspire this much depth and maturity. Such talent is beyond understanding.

50th Anniversary of the Croisements Festival between France and China
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More Information
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thomasenhco.page?fref=ts
Video: <You’re Just a Ghost> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd34E-YxZVo
           <You’re Just a Ghost> solo Live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgPQraRqfw0
           <I’m Old Fashioned> trio Live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQLDZdFtggA

Douban site:
Album:  <Fireflies> http://music.douban.com/subject/24843906/
             <Someday My Prince Will Come> http://music.douban.com/subject/5373327/