指尖的荆棘桂冠——意大利钢琴Alessandro Lanzoni三重奏

指尖的荆棘桂冠——意大利钢琴Alessandro Lanzoni三重奏


时间:2014.12.17 周三 20:30

场地:B10现场 http://www.b10live.cn







票价:预售/学生 60 元;现场 80 元










Alessandro Lanzoni - 钢琴手 Piano

Matteo Bortone - 低音大提琴Double Bass

Enrico Morello - 鼓手 Drums



(意大利Musica爵士音乐杂志著名乐评人Federico Scoppio 


(Ira Gitler,美国爵士乐历史学家和记者)


Alessandro Lanzoni

Alessandro并不一味地追随经典,因此颇为玩世不恭,花样百出,或许可以说,他已经领会了优秀的爵士标准曲的语言(也因此在CAM JAZZ这个厂牌下的首次发行作品中,他选择了重新演绎 Thelonious Monk(美国著名爵士乐钢琴手和编曲家)的《Crepescule With Nellie》和《Bright Mississippi》);他也沉浸于蓝调音乐,并以时间为轴细致入微地玩味着经典音乐(Earl Hines Bill Evans )。他在很年轻时就展现出领导才能,现在的他在欧洲、拉丁美洲、以色列和美国都颇负盛名。去年他获得的最高荣誉是由代表意大利Musica爵士音乐杂志的最富资历的记者评选出来的“2013年顶尖爵士奖项,这个名誉奠定了他在意大利爵士乐中的地位。今年一月份意大利的奥尔维耶托(Orvieto)的Mancinelli大剧院里举行了Umbria爵士冬季音乐节,期间Alessandro在奖项方面硕果累累,并获得顶尖爵士乐手称号。

2003Alessandro通过厂牌CAM JAZZ发布了专辑《Dark Flavour》。在他的第二张专辑里,他作为乐队领队,与Matteo Bortone(大提琴手)和Enrico Morello(鼓手)第一次以三重奏形式合作。Alessandro以《Dark Flavour》的作品进行巡回演出。在三月份西耶那爵士音乐节(Siena Jazz Festival)里,他与众多杰出的美洲音乐家一起合作演出,如贝斯吉他大师Ambrose、爵士乐大师Akinmusire、著名鼓手Jeff Ballard等人。Alessandro三重奏的第二张专辑会与世界知名小号演奏家Ralph Alessi合作,这张专辑将也通过厂牌Cam Jazz2014年的秋天发行。


Matteo Bortone

作为大提琴演奏家/作曲家的Matteo Bortone,是新生代爵士音乐家的代表,他不仅是乐器演奏家,还是一位编曲家和乐队领队。Matteo1982年出生于一个意大利南部城市奥特朗托(Otranto)。在开始演奏低音大提琴之前,他还接触了古典钢琴、吉他和电贝斯。Matteo的音乐教育背景中列举着繁多的学生奖项。最引人注目的是,2007年和2008年分别两次获得由西耶那爵士(SIENA JAZZ)颁发的奖学金。在第二次被授予该奖学金的同时,他也获得了在2009年第19届国际爵士学院联盟中作为意大利成员国的代表的机会,该组织是由Dave Liebman(美籍萨克斯和笛乐演奏家,东北亚爵士乐大师终身成就奖得主)所领导的。


Enrico Morello

Enrico Morello 1988年出生在意大利罗马,他从九岁开始接触鼓乐。后来他与Enrico Rava(著名意大利小号演奏家) Gianluigi Trovesi(著名意大利萨克斯、单簧管演奏家及作曲家)一起在大师班学习。但凡Enrico参加比赛,总会有伯乐相中他的绝伦天赋。近些年来,Enrico Morello 与一些才华横溢的意大利爵士音乐家们进行音乐合作。



Alessandro Lanzoni






Matteo Bortone



Enrico Morello


 The Crown on fingers – Pianist Alessandro Lanzoni Trio


Time: 2014.12.17 Wednesday 20:30

Venue: B10 Live http://www.b10live.cn

Add: North Side of Building B10, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755 86337602 (15:00-18:00, info only)

Organizer: OCT-LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd

Admittance starts at 20:00.

General seating based on first come first served policy.



Fare: Presale/Student 60 RMB; At Door 80 RMB


※Presale service available until 17:00 on the day.

①Entity: Old Heaven Books (120#, A5, North District of OCT-LOFT)

②Online: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=42370305047


Please send the following information to midori.b10@gmail.com at least ONE DAY before the concert:

1.Name 2.Phone number 3.Date of the concert 4.Quantity of tickets

Ticket reservation will be closed 15 minutes before the show starts, please pick up your ticket at B10 Live in time.

3/At Door: B10 Live

※Starts at 19:30 on the day.



Alessandro Lanzoni - piano

Matteo Bortone - bass

Enrico Morello - drums


......the pianist masters and controls the structures with creativity, he shapes the musical material and he forms it again following the fertile inspiration of his very own sensibility.”

(Paola Parri . Pianosolo.it)

He shouldn’t be judged as a young musician. He is already exceptional and with every probability he will become even more so.”

(Ira Gitler, American jazz historian and journalist.)


Alessandro Lanzoni

Alessandro, already at a very early age, showed himself to also be a successful leader and he can by now be proud of important international experiences in Europe, Latin America, Israel and the USA, where he has received very gratifying reviews otherwise not so common for a foreign artist.  The award for “Top Jazz 2013” as best new talent of the year, decided by the most qualified Italian journalists on behalf of the Musica Jazz magazine, recognizes Alessandro Lanzoni as one of the great personalities of Italian jazz.  Alessandro received the award winning prize on January 1, 2014 at Teatro Mancinelli, Orvieto during the customary night of Umbria Jazz Winter, dedicated to the winners of Top Jazz.

In 2013 he released Dark Flavour (CAM JAZZ) , his second album as leader and first as member of the Trio together with Matteo Bortone (double bass) and Enrico Morello (drums).

His tour using the music from Dark Flavour, has given him the opportunity to perform in the most important Italian cities and in some transmissions on Radio 3. In July at the Siena Jazz Festival he had the opportunity to perform alongside great American musicians such as Ambrose, Akinmusire, Jeff Ballard, Larry Grenadier, Ben Street, Steven Bernstein e Miguel Zenon.

The second album of the trio will feature special guest and world-renowned trumpeter Ralph Alessi.  It will be released in the fall 2014 by Cam Jazz.


Matteo Bortone

Double bass player/composer, Matteo Bortone is making a name for himself among the rising talents of the newest jazz generation, not only as an instrumentalist but also as a composer and band leader.  Born in Otranto (South of Italy) in 1982, Matteo began to play classical piano, guitar and electric bass, before starting to play double bass.  After getting a degree in Economics and Tourism in Milan, he moved to Paris joining Paris National Conservatory (CNSMDP) where he earned his Master degree in 2011, under the watchful eyes of Riccardo Del Fra, Dré Pallemaerts, François Theberge, Glenn Ferris, Hervé Sellin and Patrick Moutal.  Matteo’s musical education is punctuated by some student awards, most notably, two scholarships endowed by SIENA JAZZ (2007 and 2008), the second allowing him to represent Italy at the 19th Edition of the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz) in 2009, led by Dave Liebman.  He won the 1st prize at REZZO competition (Jazz in Vienne 2008) and “Trophées du Sunside” (Paris) with the band OXYD.


Enrico Morello

Born in Rome (Italy) in 1988, Enrico Morello began to play drums very early when he was 9 years old.  That was the place where he was selected for the additional masterclasses with Enrico Rava and Gianluigi Trovesi.  At (In.Ja.M.) he could take drums lessons from the most prestigious jazz musicians in the world like: Eric Harland, John Riley, Jeff Ballard, Billy Hart, Ben Perowsky, Adam Nussbaum, Ferenc Nemeth, Billy Drummond and many others.  Enrico’s talent was always appreciated in all the competitions that he took part, especially the “European Jazz Contest” (Atina Jazz) and the “Jimmy Wood Awards” (Tuscia in Jazz) where he won the first prize as “Best Drummer”.  In 2011 he played at “Bar on Fifth” (Setai Hotel) in Manhattan, NYC, for the “Italian Jazz Days” Festival.  Enrico Morello is going on an intensive professional activity, earning, in recent years, a special place among the most interesting and talented Italian jazz musicians.


More Information

Alessandro Lanzoni

Website: http://www.alessandrolanzoni.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alessandro-Lanzoni/337217276389208?fref=ts

Video: (trio) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1geL_la1bsg

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alessandrolanzoni

MySpace: https://myspace.com/alessandrolanzoni

Matteo Bortone

Website: http://www.matteobortone.com/Hello.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matteo-Bortone-Music/131981022886

Enrico Morello

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enrico.morello.1